Industry Applications

At Blue Water Molding our years of experience have allowed us to work with many different industries. Either you're working in the growing new EV market or competitve medical industry, Blue Water has the quality materials you'll need no matter the application.

Automotive & EV

With extensive knowledge and experience within the automotive industry, Blue Water Molding can produce a full range of plastic parts for interiors or exteriors.

In addition, an ISO-9001 certified molding company offers the electric vehicle (EV) industry high-quality, precision parts manufacturing with a commitment to consistent quality management. This ensures reliable, durable components that are essential for the safety and efficiency of EVs, from battery casings to interior consoles, enhancing consumer trust and product performance.

Consumer Goods

In the ever changing, fast-paced world of consumer goods, precision molding companies must keep up with the innovators. Blue Water Molding has developed parts for a wide range of companies, and our completely in-house production divisions allow us to nimbly service even the most unique designs.


In the medical industry, accurate manufacturing is vital. Slight imperfections can compromise functionality and safety, posing risks to patient health. At Blue Water Molding, our high-quality materials and meticulous production processes create reliable, durable, and biocompatible medical components that meet rigorous health and safety standards. Learn more about our manufacturing for medical applications today.

Quality Molding Services